Sunday, February 12, 2017

CARNiVAL CATHARSiS !!! ... 02.17.2017


its yo BiRTHDAY !

... again ...

hey hey hey birthday non.binaries, girls, and boys its been a long year of DAiLY BiRTHDAYS ... √¶nd ... well over here on a cellular level your friendly, facial facade, four.warning, apocalyptic, time traveling, thaumaturge, who practices alchemy is getting ready to embark on another revolution around this earth ! thats right yall the 13th of Feb. is the LAST DAiLY BiRTHDAY of the YEAR for your's truly! SSengam Niloc of Visitor 10 is turning 29 on the 14th ! and it seems this here show is within perfect alignment to kick off the mandatory celebration of a brand new year of DAiLY BiRTHDAYS ! so since these shows are always a collaborative experience that would not exist if it wasn't for all of your amazing supportive birthdazers.  This final week before the 17th we are offering the ability to pick up $8 pre sale tickets ! all you have to do is VENMO @Visitor10 your $8 with the name that you would like to claim them under ... preferably the name on your id. incase there is confusion. this is going to be a night that you wont want to miss ! thanks for making this new year of DAiLY BiRTHDAYS start off with a bang ! keep on celebrating ! #HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY YALL !

also ... if you havent had a chance to peep some V10 nunu ... well hears new videos for you you ...

 and a new collaborative project we like to call "Slow Mourning" ...


gas mask?

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