Monday, July 21, 2014

soon sun to come ! B.More's ARTSCAPE ! and "The Holy Underground"


from the B.B.E. Festivities presents: #GETiNDASOUP this past friday !

 to the amazing creative whirlwind that was the merging/mitosis of Little Berlin with ARTSCAPE: Baltimore to the meeting of brand new friendly faces from the creative collective hailing from BMore dubbed "The Holy Underground" !

Coverage of these magical events and performances COMiNG SOON !

Photo by : Eileen Doyal

Photo by : Hekkate

gotta shout my love out to anyone who was kind enough to watch my performance or accept a flyer from such a bizarre meat puppet such as myself !

Dont Forget to check back periodically for new releases before this February Release comes out ... i got a new video dropping sometime in August that will put your socks right back one ... after we knocked them off of course !

also ... did u want to support a wizard by saving your self ?

gas mask?

or how bout just be friends on the face space thingy ...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

B.more than u think B.more than u ever knew u could B.more in Baltimore

and we're off ! the maskures family is fat and full of SOUP ! and ready to roll to a beautiful art experimental festival detailed in the link above ^^^^^

much love to everyone who came out and supported the motley-crew of talented musicians that graced our presence last night at #GETiNDASOUP ! twas such a beautiful experiment that everyone truly seemed to enjoy !

 NEXT STOP BALTiMORE ! cant wait to experience the madness !
Dont Worry ! we're all mad here !

Down the rabbit hole we go !

Be on the look at for the new all-bloom ! coming February 2015!

all sew ...

gas mask?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

GET in DA SOUP ! ... two DAZE AWAY ! THiS FRiDAY !

awww ... someone tell lil timmy that if he comes to Ulana's @ 205 Bainbridge this FRiDAY July 18th he wont be disappointed ! ... peep the link for more details ... this link silly: it's yo BiRFDAY !

ooo ... ooo ....but wait the weekend just keeps getting better ... for all my Baltimore Peeps ... if your in the area ima be rocking this amazing interactive art festival called: "Between the Act and Motion"  <----clinky details="" for="" linky="" p="">
also ... if u have some time ... have u ever thought about the difference between dust collectors and banana racks ? ... no? .... well let me explain ...

bananaracks & DustCollectors

Sunday, July 13, 2014


come check out the most illuminated hip-hop in the city of brotherly love tonight ! 

u dont wanna miss this ! 

peep the link for more details:

ænd also ... if u feel like gettin lost in the labyrinth ...

how bout doing that full circle cart-wheel carbon bowel movement down a portal near you !

a matrix of navigation for YOU!

portal toilets

Friday, July 11, 2014

one show down ! two to go ... plus an ART FEST in BALTiMORE

its a slow boil and we're rollin on the road steadily towards the 18th ! 
after the show on the 9th this past wednesday where we died rose from the dead turned into roses and then were stomped on by little kids claiming it was there responcibility to destroy all the sand castles ... but we kept telling them this aint the beach ... i have full confidence that this ish gonna be off da chain ... if u thought the "Visitor 10" performance was on point and surprising ... i got some new tricks for you on the 18th ! GET in DA SOUP !
peep link for more details:

... but until then ... 
we gots one question for you 
... July 13th ... 

i sure hope you are down cuz this is definitly gonna be one for the vomit in the toilets ! 


THEN immediately after we jumped in the SOUP im off to take part in this extremely exciting art festival put together by Philadelphia's own Little Berlin ... where they will be re.constructing a philadelphia subway platform ... lol ... im gonna bring the trash and hypodermic needles ... 
check out the link above OR the FB event page below for more details !


mmmm... smarty pants food : slip, trip and stumble into that labyrinth :


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

oh JULY oh me oh my oh YOURS ! (UPDATED) ((HAPPY BiRTHDAY))

SOOO many fantastic opportunities to come wine and dine and celebrate your birthday me ! your favorite fluctuating facial facade tim traveling wizard who practices alchemy ... 
... this month of JULY is PACKED ! check it out ....

July 9th ... we got a fantastic late night appetizer week day line up of conscious hip hop rolling through from all over the place @ Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N Front Street, Philadelphia PA)

July 13th ... this odd ball hip hop show will transport you to another realm of existence all while serving u your favorite holographic luncheon ... for lunch at dinner time @ Connie's Ric Rac (1132 S 9th Philadelphia, PA) starting at 9pm for FREE!!!!!

then ... to seal the deal ... for the main course !

July 18th ... the world comes to a halt with an epic conglomerate of genres that will stuff your face full of freshly slaughtered vegan meats aka a musical steak salad for everyone @ Ulana's (205 S Bainbridge St Philadelphia, PA) starting at 8pm for only 5$$ ...

 also ... if u get a chance and have a face book ... help a wizard out and "like" my page ... ... after all ... it is yo birfday ! 

and then right after this exciting show ^^^^ ill be disapearing to Baltimore Maryland to take part and perform in some wacky awesome art festival ... lol ... peep this link : ... what an amazing adventure this shall all be !!!

Plus i've covertly released the release date for my album ... ^^^ lol ... ooooo so secretive and mysterious lol ...

trust me ... with a three course meal this good ... your gonna want to stuff that gullet then run to the vomitorium (if they even existed) to empty to contents of ur tum tum so u can have room for more ... lol ...#HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY ... and like 4th of july or something like that ... hahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahHHAHHAhAHAhhHAHahAHAHHAhAHahAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA right ... freedom ... oh well act like u got it and come support local musicians lol

much love and ubiquipuzzletouspeaces yall !


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


then "like" us while your at it :

scalpel, CHECK … pineapple, CHECK … olive oil, CHECK … ovulator, CHECK … scorpion, CHECK … habeas corpus, CHECK … ipecac, CHECK … edamame, CHECK … monkey wrench, CHHHHHEEEAAKY ! 

…………………… SPLOOSHieM ! …………………...


a multi-dimentional, hi-def, highly tactical, surgical procedure, precisely analyzed under a microscope, voted on by the electoral college, then thrown into a play-pit of ostracized day-care children in the midst of a rorschach ink blot experiment evaluation thats environmentally friendly ænd well … just damn delicious ! GET iN DA SOUP ! 

… in other words … a genre experiment that could go so wrong that the amount of left turns it made drew a circle and u real-eyes its SO RiGHT !

tired of those shows that make sense? Do u find your self knowing what to expect?  yeah we\i/us here at the B.B.E. Festivities know how u feel and who’s to say what type of music should be played at the B.est B.irthday E.ver ? 

You’re your cousin who only listens to 103.9 the Beat? (does that shit exist anymore?) … You’re your next door neighbor who jumps on the Trampoline listening to NOW 782,366? … You’re your imaginary friend that plays the same Slayer song on repeat? … or You’re your brother’s, seventh grade teacher’s, identical twin’s, turtle walker’s, doctor who prescribed you some sugar pills that allowed u to see the matrix for what it really is ??? if you/i\them were to pick one me\u/our would go with the former/pre/present/post/climbthelatter … but thats besides the point ! 

Doors at 8pm ... Music Starts at 9pm

for only $$$$ 5 $$$$ you get all these passionate artists !

Visuals by: Hekkate

Sinking Ocean Gods …

No Clue ? … 

interested in getting involved in the next SOUP?
Email : or contact SSengam Niloc on FB