Sunday, November 20, 2016


Dang a WHOLE lot has happened ! Our Cells and the Maskures Family have been on the Road since the end of JUNE ! and are STiLL out and about making ish happen ... but shoot we cant wait to actually settle back into HQ's and reflect upon the madness of it all ... from shows all of the country to new friends communities and experiences and just having installed an amazing art show at MECA in Portland ME the birthdaze just keep on rolling! TWO NEW EPs ON THE WAY with an overly optimistic goal of a 2017 release !  ... please tune back in around the beginning of DECEMBER ... WE PROMiSE TO update yall on the magic of 2016 ! what a year its been !

(photo cred: MikEyes)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oakland ! Lounge 3411

Hello! And greetings from the bink tine mines!

This Thursday the 8th, 8:30pm !!!! (Tommrororiororooroooo night!) @ Lounge 3411.

Catch the maskures family and this bag of cells known as Visitor 10 rocking a full uncut 35 minute shamanistic demonstration on how to peel off face, leave ur body, and redefine your way of existence!

Tis gonna be another wacky #HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY!  hope to see u there!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

re.arrange the Maine-frame ... Portland Maine that is !


whats the damage ?!?!?! 

all up in the Maine-frame ! 

come to a fun SHOW !

Celebrate that DAiLY BiRTHDAY !

With yo favorite wizard !

Really looking forward to this one ... and we just got into town !

Wicked Early for the show ! 

Hit us UP and lets CHiLL ! show us where the fun be at !

Sunday, March 13, 2016

PT Burnem and Visitor 10 present: the "Get Off Your Axis" east coast tour !

10th - Baltimore - Reverb (2112 Charles St.) - 83 Cutlass / Drew Scott / Al Rogers 
*12th - Richmond - Condemned House (314 W. Marshall)  - ATRR / Belligerent 
14th - Charlotte - The Station - Bitter inc. / Scott Sliauzis
15th - Ashville NC - AVS Spot (76 Biltmore Ave)
16th - Winston-Salem - Reanimator (344 N Patterson) - W/ Speak N Eye / Joules
*17th - Richmond - B+B (1117 W. Leigh)
*18th - Greenville - Spazzfest Art Avenue (212 E. 5th St.)
*19th - Richmond - Alans House W/
*22nd - Philly - Eris Temple Arts (602 S 52nd St ) - W/ Elliot Kline
*23rd - Philly - Pharmacy (1300 S. 18th St.) W/ Ghost Gang
*24th - Trenton - Champs (931 Chambers St) - W/ Dreadpool Parker / Liz Cisco / Roebus One
*25th - Baltimore - Burgundy St. Warehouse  - W/ LoopSoupRiot
*26th - Richmond - V10 @ 1300 Bainbridge - Impulse Control @ Emilio’s
Visitor 10 - a collaborative, shamanistic, hip-hop, performance art experiment where, SSengam Niloc (a fluctuating, facial-facade, four-warning, apocalyptic, time-traveling, wizard) utilizes ten masks known as "The MasKures Family” to embody several properties of the "archetypal human". Doing so he unfolds an enchanting demonstration of reflection and imagination via oral and visual story telling.  Accompanied with music produced by a myriad of different producers and musicians including himself, the audience is often in for a surprise. #HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY !
P.T. Burnem - Mad Max on the Mic.  BeGoggled Troubador has been drilling heads for evil spirits since 2006.
* - Indicates an Impulse Control show.  Impulse Control is P.T. Burnem's latest project with Bassist Erik Akers.  Burnem taken to the next level through heavy bass grooves and big beats out the MPC.