Thursday, March 11, 2010


From wells, wishes and the bink tine mines.

Visitor 10 is a collaborative, shamanistic, musical, performance art experiment where, SSengam Niloc (a flux-u-8-ing, facial-facade, four-warning, apocalyptic, time-traveling, wizard, who practices alchemy) and his ten masks which embody several properties of the "archetypal human" known as "The MasKures Family” unfold an enchanting demonstration of reflection and imagination via oral and visual story telling.  Accompanied with music produced by a myriad of different producers and musicians including himself, the audience is often in for surprise … not to mention a celebration of your DAiLY BiRTHDAY experience. #HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY !

One sphere. Two peaks...being fraternal twins a distinction is difficult to identify except the obvious visual, that one is the mirrored introvert. We find these stalagmites and stalactites littering the floor and ceiling each paired with its doppelgänger separated by a shinny metallic sphere. There's a pulse and cyclical energy amongst these civil conical that is undeniable and fueling...weaving and penetrating all pores simultaneously...If your a permeable pore and your undulating through the other pores in the pori that populate the meatus would you stop for a second on the plateau in the bliss-stance and pour your pore into the other porous poor us pores? Would a separation even exist at that foramen point? So tilt that 8 on its side and multiply that to its power and we find our selves right in the middle of the "bink tine mines" which isnt too difficult because any coordinate you collude with is a krux.

When one presses their ear against the soft malnourished melodies that direct heavy driving drums by a mere string we observe to find some of the harsh realities of life addressed in lyrical content, densely coated metaphors and slippery word play of your neighborly, not so war-locked wizard, SsengamNiloc.

The frequenting cricket in the critique addresses main stream rap and its lyrical content. Critiqued not only under the scrutinized light that attempts to draw attention to the ridiculous robbery that willingly takes places amongst the relationship between the main stream artist and his/her fans, but also to plainly state that how we treat each other as human beings is a terribly, socially cold back stabbing game...not only in passersby's interactions but in the actualized violence that takes place in Philadelphia and around the world.

"Lets start dropping mass amounts of Nuclear Bombs and open up the great door in history - escape the misery"

A crude and blunt solution stated within the track titled, "ReGarble the Su-Wage War" Perhaps this song addresses the questions "when is enough enough?" and "why are the lines between pleasure and pain so blurred?" Addressing the contemporary formalities that are being practiced amongst one another: "why would a cylinder that provides a slow death be so highly coveted?" Mostly what we wish to digested is the potential bliss that can be experienced by all humans alike.

"Its up to you on earth to create your own heaven"

Currently enrolled in Philadelphia's Tyler School of Art with a pending BFA in Ceramics and Sculpture, SsengamNiloc is an independent hip-hop lyricist and composer with a passion for atonal musical compositions and complex lyrical metaphors.

Still drifting on the open mic scene performing at local bars ("Doc Watsons", soon spreading to "The Fire" and searching for more), we find our friendly but forewarning word wizard caressing the streets of Philadelphia with his first public release titled: "the earepripkissabill (to pay another day) Demo Disc." One can find an extensive 18 track long compilation from several different projects. One can barely even consider this jam packed package a Demo - perhaps rather a complete multiple movement composition starting with the first abstract interjection "in ear able" which starts off with a bold quote of truth: "erratic, pan's labyrinth, make sure you don't count the skin cells before they just flake off."

What really needs to be understood is simple...this existence is magic and completely malleable from birth. We are all artists/witches/wizards/gods that hold the power of the pen. Write it down...four, two-dimensions provide the power of flight and the potential to allow actualization of any reality that one may consider a current fantasy.

We find the start of our journey at the bottom of the well and we may find that along the climb upwards sudden returns to rock bottom may occur. But one may notice that the re-ascension offers new nooks, crannies and perspectives. That is until we re-surface finding our selves in the bottom of a bigger well...people and pennies...exchanging words and wishes.