Monday, July 21, 2014

soon sun to come ! B.More's ARTSCAPE ! and "The Holy Underground"


from the B.B.E. Festivities presents: #GETiNDASOUP this past friday !

 to the amazing creative whirlwind that was the merging/mitosis of Little Berlin with ARTSCAPE: Baltimore to the meeting of brand new friendly faces from the creative collective hailing from BMore dubbed "The Holy Underground" !

Coverage of these magical events and performances COMiNG SOON !

Photo by : Eileen Doyal

Photo by : Hekkate

gotta shout my love out to anyone who was kind enough to watch my performance or accept a flyer from such a bizarre meat puppet such as myself !

Dont Forget to check back periodically for new releases before this February Release comes out ... i got a new video dropping sometime in August that will put your socks right back one ... after we knocked them off of course !

also ... did u want to support a wizard by saving your self ?

gas mask?

or how bout just be friends on the face space thingy ...

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