Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dark Days Bright Tunnel ... "what countdown?" ... day thirty one ... skul's entry ...



oh SNAP you gosh darn better believe it ! skul for the win ... skipen over hands ... snagin the last day of the month like scheduled ... SNOOZE YOU LOOSE BUD ! its saturday ! ... arbitrary order arbitray win ! come on serendipity ! let me get a peak up dat skirt ! SCREW your high class muffins for not showin skin when we abused the wrinkle in time the rIght or written down way ! ... writing writing writing the rub ... ahhhhhhhh ... there it is ... the wrong lighting ... nah nah nah nah nahn anh nahn anhn nah nah nah nope there aint no such thing as wrong ... your wrong for sayin that there mihgt be somthing wrogn ... NOPE ! ahhahahha aYOUR FACE ! ... mY FACE ! lets just ALL FACE FACTS ! turn about -- fa-ke out where did the face go ! get a NEW magnIfyIng glass dumb dumb head ... fool speed ahead end-o-da-month face palm karate chop to the gizard ... lol right ? is this magic ? am i a wizard ? poof !



hahhsdhahhahhhahshhshhahhahhahahahha !

mInes truly !

skulmas fluxkures

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