Monday, February 13, 2017

Last Daily Birthday of the Gaggle ! #HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY YALL !

Good Mourning AMurica ! how bbe everyone's puppets today ?! hopefully well ! or in a wishing well ! ... either-or really ... today we wish to not only remind you that your beautiful, inside ænd out but that its your BiRTHDAY ! your DAiLY BiRTHDAY ! and on this day, today, a daze of a days, just another daily birthday to some ... we find our cells ker-plunked right at the end of our 29th gaggle of daily birthdays ... our 29th flock ... our 29th cauldron ... our 29th congress of daily birthdays ... our 29th convocation ... our 29th parliament of daily birthdays ... our 29th tidings, company, murmuration, colony, brood, fall, or murder of DAiLY BiRTHDAYS ! making this vessel 10563 birthdays OLD ! including leap years ! and gee-wilbers thats a plum even square amount of earth rotations ! but what about sun rotations !?! ... we that makes TOMORROW our 29th !!!∞!!! iGNORANTSBLiSS DAY !!!∞!!! ... now we know what some of you are asking ... gosh ... what in this tarnished nation is an iGNORANTSBLiSS DAY ?! and believe a wizard when we say this ... oooooooooweeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we have no idea ! ...
... been trying to figure this out since we escaped ... the day we ran from it ... from what ? ummwell, perhaps it was more like fell from it ... from what ? ... oh ... well, from ignorance ... all we "know", WHiCH iSNT MUCH! dont dare accuse us of "knowing" anything ... we know NOTHiNG and thats THAT ! ... but yeah ... any way ... all we "know" is that its a day designed to annually reminisce bout the day that we all fell from ignorance ... you kno ... that state of un.knowing ... that state of inwhich we once dint know a single rule ... whether it be of physics or of society ... that graceful and silent orchestration of cellular fetal development ... the dance of mitosis ... dang sis ... dont dance on my toe sis ... not your toast cyst but "mine" ... okay we can share ... lol eww gross ... okay jk sorry ... staying focused ...

So on this day of morrow land we will find our cells in a particular position within the rotation around the sun ... a spot in space so very unique but perhaps, just perhaps, also very in line with the beginning of your spiraled path through the solar system, galaxy, known universe, multiblubbluh, quantum something or other yada yadaverse ... ∞ ... can you imagine what you could imagine if you knew absolutely nothing ? completely ignorant to the whirlwind of human experience ? well on this day we try ... we think back on that perfect balance ... caught between those two tines of "on" ænd "off", you slide down the bottle neck effect of the hour glass at the dead ... emphasis on dead ... center of EVERYTHiNG and we get this miraculous little moment ... this breath taking series of notes played in harmony with a whirling conjunction of particles ... a glimpse of your journey ! ...

KNOW THAT THiS iS NiETHER THE BEGiNNiNG OR THE END ! but somewhere in the middle where the air is cool and still ... where the pond surface reflects the starry night sky like glass only where the lily pads are not, like cartoon black holes leading to the other side of the map, with a caduperdrilion of options to play wack.a.mole with ... and the gift of to perceive the universe from a very specific "your are here" star on the mall map of the cosmos ... the gift of chance, context, time, memory and much much more ... today we find our cells grateful to celebrate one last earth rotation before we spend an entire day in "meditation" ... #HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY YALL ! very excited and cant wait to start collecting our 30th ostentation ... our 30th flight ... watch, wisp, wedge ... our 30th bouquet of Daily Birthdays !


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